Our Nurses & Support Staff

Registered Veterinary Nurses

Nicky Doyle RVN GradDip                                                         Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Nicky has been working in veterinary practices since 1998 and became a qualified Veterinary Nurse in 2000. Not one to rest on her laurels she continued to study and in 2010 obtained her Graduate Diploma in Professional and Clinical Veterinary Nursing from the Royal Veterinary College. She has had a variety of jobs before joining Derwent Valley in 2017 including working in general practice, working for an out of hours provider and working for a veterinary laboratory company. She has used her nursing skills to do charitable work including a stint in a neutering clinic in St Lucia.

Nicky lives locally in the Matlock area with her partner and her three sons. When she is not at work she is always on the go and is constantly running one of the boys to an activity or class. The whole family enjoys time out in the Peak District with their crossbreed dog “Lucy” who is advancing in age but still loves a good walk.

Nicky has a particular interest in feline medicine and is looking to set up an advice clinic for our older cat patients when she is back from maternity leave. She retains an interest in emergency and critical care from her previous job and is always a calm head in a crisis.

Clare Logan RVN                                                                          Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Clare joined Derwent Valley Vets in August 2018. She qualified as a Veterinary nurse in 1994 and is the oldest member of the team (although she would like it to be known she still has all of her own teeth!). She has previously worked in a number of mixed and small animal practices. She was with her last small animal practice in Hertfordshire for over 12 years.

Clare has loved holidaying in the Peak District for years and finally took the plunge in 2018 and moved to Matlock where she can make the most of her love of walking and the local wildlife. She is a member of the RSPB, the Woodland Trust and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, with whom she does volunteer work once a month.

Clare comes to Derwent Valley with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her input has been important in helping to get the laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery started at the practice. Her previous practice was already using this type of equipment and she is knowledgeable on how to care for such an expensive and fragile bit of kit. Clare is our feline advocate for the ISFM cat friendly program and hopes to take on an older cat once she has settled in.


Louise Stanger RVN DipCMT                                                      Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Louise has been a nurse in veterinary practice for 19 years. Prior to coming to Derwent Valley Vets when we opened in 2016 she had worked first in private practice and then for 12 years for the PDSA where she met Rebecka and Claire.

Louise is dog crazy! She has two very fit and athletic Vizlas with whom she competes at agility, does gundog training and runs in the relatively new sport of canicross. Her dogs come to work with her and she can often be seen with them walking along the banks of the Derwent before and after work. She also has an elderly cat who is affectionately known as “Psycho-Sid” as he is not super keen on being handled. Despite having two very energetic dogs in the household Sid holds his own and rules over his domain!

Louise has a Diploma in Canine Massage Therapy and runs sessions offering Galen massage at the practice. Her healing hands are ideal for animals who have had an injury or who are starting to suffer with aches and pains. She is passionate about inpatient care and is an excellent theatre nurse


Claire Wilson RVN                                                                        Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Claire has been working in veterinary practice for nearly thirty years. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1995 and has worked in a number of practices throughout the Nottingham and Derbyshire area picking up good ideas for best practice along the way. She started at Derwent Valley Vets on day one in June 2016.

Claire, her husband and her two daughters share a house with 5 German Shepherds and “Teddy”, a young Schipperke. She is a Kennel Club registered breeder of German Shepherds and her own line of dogs have been very successful in the show ring. She is passionate about responsible breeding and the person to ask about anything to do with health testing prior to getting bitches into pup. As well as showing her German Shepherds Claire also shows Teddy, both in the UK and on the continent. Teddy has, at the very young age of a year, obtained the Kennel Club status of champion. Keep an eye out for both of them at Crufts.

Claire is a one of our veterinary nurse clinical coaches helping to progress the profession by training the Qualified Veterinary Nurses of tomorrow. She has a special interest in the topics of dental care and nutrition and runs our weight clinics with amazing results.


Student Veterinary Nurses & Our Support Staff

Victoria (Tori) Cartwright                                                          Student Veterinary Nurse

Tori initially started with the practice as a volunteer in 2017. She had a lot of experience in the dog world but wanting to know more about Veterinary Nursing. She has since enrolled in the Veterinary Nurse training scheme run by Bottle Green Training and is half way through her course. She is a keen student and will make a brilliant Veterinary Nurse when she qualifies. She previously worked as a Guide dog trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind and ran her own puppy training courses.

Tori lives in Matlock with her husband and two children. She has three black Labradors and three miniature dachshunds, two of which came as a temporary foster and have never left! In her time off, when she is not at work or studying, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking, gardening or skiing.

Tori’s main interest is still dog behaviour and training and she continues to run the very popular puppy training course at the practice on a Monday night. Her ex-pupils are always delighted to come back to the vets as they have such a fun time on the course. In her previous life her wide and varied studies have included a diploma in canine massage, a diploma in zoopharmacgnosy (a behaviour in which non-human animals apparently self-medicate by selecting and ingesting or topically applying plants, soils, insects to prevent or reduce the harmful effects of pathogens and toxins) and an NVQ in falconry.


Amber Thompson                                                                            Student Veterinary Nurse

Amber is currently with the practice as part of her Veterinary Nursing degree course at Hartpury University. She is due to graduate in 2021 and we can already tell she will be a fabulous nurse. She works hard and never shies away from a challenge.

In her spare time, Amber likes to go out with her friends, go horse riding or spend time with her 3-year-old Labrador, “Norman”. As the youngest member of the team we do sometimes have to explain social references to anything from the 80’s or 90’s, which are of course the decades most of the team are more comfortable with. However, she tolerates us oldies with grace and good humour.

Amber is learning fast and we hope that she will consider coming back to Derwent Valley once her course is completed. She currently holds the mantle of being our expert kitten sex determiner (something that can be difficult to do early on) as she did have to point out to Rebecka that the male bundle of fluff kitten that she had taken on was in fact a girl!

Laura Waters                                                                                                                  Receptionist

Laura joined the practice in September 2017 and has been a friendly face on the front desk ever since. She had previously already worked in the service industry having been a travel agent in an earlier job and her NVQ in travel still comes in useful when booking all of her exciting trips away.

Laura lives in Darley Dale with her husband and two children. Last year they took on a new puppy “Larry” the Labrador, who attended our puppy classes. Larry has grown up to be a very relaxed and friendly dog - we think it must run in the family! When Laura is not at work, she enjoys keeping fit and is a keen runner and cyclist. She loves to be outdoors and can often be seen walking Larry around the Matlock area.

Laura is brilliant on the front desk. She loves “meeting and greeting” the clients, especially those of the furry variety! She is a whizz on the computers and is the font of all knowledge; if she doesn’t know something, she will definitely know someone who does!


James Reedman VCA                                                                   Veterinary Care Assistant

James does the occasional Saturday shift for the practice. He has previously worked at the PDSA hospital in Nottingham where he obtained his Veterinary Care Assistant qualification working with hundreds of animals on a weekly basis.  James has also worked in private small animal practice.

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